Now that’s what I call distracted driving.

Anonymous asked:

What do you mean by not accepting your diabetes?

iamt1diabetic answered:

Not always consciously taking care of my sugars
Kind of putting my diabetes in the back of my mind to feel somewhat normal

I totally get this. It’s basically dental. I had a 10 year period where I just injected blindly of “forgot” entirely. The bad habits are still with me sometimes. I will also point out that I health has suffered as a result.


If you don’t have to inject needles into your body several times a day…

If you go to bed and do not wake up several times a night…

If you don’t suddenly feel sweaty in the middle of business meetings with an uncomfortable dying feeling and not sure what to do or how to excuse yourself….

If you don’t have to count every food that you eat…

Be happy, because you are not a T1 diabetic :)

Anonymous asked:

I've been one of the most controled diabetics for the last year, with bgs barely over 130. Mostly 80/90. BUT THIS WEEK THIS FUCKING BITCH IS HIGH AND ALL FUCKED AND I JUST GOT A 217 I DONT GET IT AND NOW IM HERE CRYING HARD BC IT WONT GO DOWN :'(

iamt1diabetic answered:

Please don’t freak out!! It happens to all of us I promise.
Body chemistry gets messed up and out sugars go out of control for no reason!
Keep doing your best I promise it will all work out.

I have had this issue as well. BTW I’m a guy. I my case I think it is a result of alcohol use. Basically I would get DKA while detoxing.

Also, there are many things that affect BG levels. Stress comes to mind.

Take care and fight on.